by charprouse

See it.
Love it.
Live it.
Southend in Argyll and Bute, Kintyre. A beautiful picture from the top of Dunaverty Rock, taken when I went exploring with my two amigos.
Dunaverty Rock is a piece of history for Kintyre as it was where the ‘Dunaverty Castle’ once stood, where a brutal massacre of the MacDonalds clan took place in 1647 .  Better known as the Glencoe massacre.
Southend is such a beautiful area of Kintyre and is where I would love to build a home one day, when I’m a millionaire and all that 🙂 (I know…very unlikely, but a girl can dream).
Me and my two amigos sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the view
Dunaverty Rock in the distance
(Photo by Kelly Gilbert)