by charprouse


Growing up you always wonder who your going to be and what your going to become. Some people know straight away, while others take a wee while longer. I always had a new dream every month (pretty exhausting haha) or so. One day I would want to join the Navy, an other day I wanted to be an architect, then a police officer to a chef .

As I moved up through High School I began to learn more about who I was and what I was good at. I was never that great at school, and having dyslexia I struggled quite a bit. So due to my lack of awesome grades I focused a lot of my spear time taking part in a range of outdoor and indoor activities, from sports to photography and baking. As time moved on, my love for these activities grew and grew. And I came to the realisation that I could start my own career- being an Entrepreneur and combining these loves together to create my dream life.  The idea filled my mind and soul! Being able to create something from scratch and doing a job I loved every single day. It just sounds amazing!

So now, I’m preparing my self for just that! Being an Entrepreneur.

However, as I dreamed really big throughout high school and college (and still do to this present day), I discovered that so many people have amazing dreams, but don’t do anything about it. They just don’t believe they can reach them. This drives me insane!!!! Anyone can achieve their dreams. They just need to make their way towardS it! and work every dam day to get it! It wont be easy. You might not have a social life for a while (aw man…that’s going to be me). But if its what you want, and it will make you happy, go get it! Why not? Why stay in a job you hate? Don’t just get through the day? You want to LIVE through each day! Making people smile,  and most importantly making your self smile!

Photo: SMILE #behappy #lovenature #hike #scotland #getoutstayout #explore #outdoors #braidit

Do you ever look through Facebook or Instagram and think ‘Man…I want that life’. Well…go get it. There is nothing stopping you. No ones life is perfect, but why not make it as perfect as you can? By doing a job you love! Every. Single. Day.

So what’s your dream?

Are you going to go get it?